Every Client Matters To Us

Georgia And Alabama Corporate Lawyers

Over the years, the corporate attorneys at The Finley Firm, P.C., have helped corporate clients recover over $30 million by pursuing a diverse client portfolio that many larger firms or traditional plaintiffs’ firms have found unappealing due to conflicts or the size of the matter, or both.

This has helped in-house legal departments to create revenue rather than act as cost centers. Our firm is competent across a wide range of substantive disciplines. Further, stand-up ability and flexible fee structures allow our firm to cost-effectively pursue and prevail on revenue-generating claims.​

At The Finley Firm, P.C., our corporate attorneys work with clients to identify potential claims by examining unanticipated losses and assessing recovery opportunities. We then prosecute viable claims with straight contingency arrangements, fee structures, that blend sharply discounted hourly rates (or flat fees) with lower contingency fee interests or our competitive hourly rates.

Prior Corporate Recovery Experience

Our most recent success comes from one of the last federal jury trials in Alabama before the COVID-19 pandemic where we obtained a $1.7 million verdict for a business that had been defrauded.