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Did you know Georgia has a bill of rights for crime victims?

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2023 | Premises Liability

The aftermath of a violent crime can be unsettling and overwhelming, to put it mildly. It often leaves victims grappling with physical, emotional and financial burdens.

In Georgia, victims of violent crimes have certain rights that help to support them during this challenging period. Understanding them can empower you to better cope in the wake of the crime when the accused is passing through the justice system.

The Georgia Crime Victims Bill of Rights

This bill is more than a document filled with generalized ideas; it promises particular rights to victims of crime. It is an extensive law that clearly describes the treatment victims deserve after criminal violence.

Here are a few critical rights the law ensures:

  • Dignified and fair treatment by law enforcement
  • Reasonably timely official proceedings
  • Financial restitution as the law provides
  • Prompt information about the status of the accused (arrest, release, etc.)

Despite these protections and rights, you may face financial hardships, such as medical bills and lost wages, after the incident that harmed you. While victim restitution may be possible, as mentioned above, it might not address all your economic losses.

Is anyone else responsible?

A private or commercial property owner may share a portion of responsibility for the injuries violent crime victims sustain on their premises. Since they must ensure the property is reasonably safe for guests or customers, they may be financially liable for your harm.

For example, if a business has no exterior lights and someone harms another in the darkness, the owner may be ordered to pay financial damages.

Of course, you want the one who hurt you to face penalties for their conduct, but you also deserve an economic remedy for any negligence that contributed to your injuries. Discuss your case with a legal representative to learn more about premises liability.