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Are uninsured drivers a concern for travelers in Georgia?

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2024 | Car Accidents

Driving is inherently dangerous. Moving at high speeds in heavy equipment creates many opportunities for injury. Georgia state lawmakers have attempted to mitigate the risk involved in driving by implementing numerous restrictions on the operation of motor vehicles.

People generally need to register their vehicles and obtain driver’s licenses. They also need to maintain liability insurance in case they ever cause crashes. After collisions in Georgia, those affected typically expect how to file a simple insurance claim. Unfortunately, some people discover after a crash that the party at fault for the wreck does not have proper insurance.

Uninsured drivers are everywhere in Georgia

Just like creating a speed limit does not prevent people from driving too fast, mandating insurance does little to protect people from the unsafe choices of others. Some people intentionally cancel their policies after renewing their vehicle registration. Many others might make mistakes, such as failing to submit payments, which can impact the coverage they have available should a crash occur.

Motorists in Georgia have more reason for concern than drivers throughout most of the United States. According to 2019 data, Georgia has one of the highest rates of uninsured drivers in the country. Georgia had the seventh-highest percentage of uninsured drivers, with roughly 18.1% of motorists failing to have insurance at any given time.

What happens when a driver without insurance causes a wreck?

Those affected by crashes caused by uninsured drivers have a few options. Some people pay extra to carry more robust insurance coverage. Uninsured motorist protection can help cover basic expenses after a collision caused by a driver without proper insurance.

However, filing a claim against one’s own policy usually means paying more for coverage in the future. Most people involved in crashes prefer to have the party at fault cover all necessary expenses. If the driver who caused the crash does not have proper insurance, then a personal injury lawsuit can sometimes be an option.

Those hurt in collisions caused by others’ negligence can file lawsuits seeking reimbursement for their medical bills and lost wages. If families lose a loved one in a fatal Georgia car wreck, then a wrongful death lawsuit might be a reasonable reaction. Realizing that many uninsured drivers are out on the road may inspire people to explore their options after a recent car crash. Individuals affected by motor vehicle collisions may need assistance pursuing compensation if the party to blame for the incident doesn’t have proper insurance.