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Does your trucking company have an accident policy?

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2024 | Car Accidents

While safety is your top priority and you want to avoid accidents, anything can happen on the road. Your truck driver may be involved in an accident. Thus, it’s vital to have a clear, easily accessible accident policy that they can follow in such circumstances.

Here are three things to consider including in your policy:

Who to contact 

Your truck drivers should know who to contact when they are involved in an accident. After calling the police and/or medical assistance, who at the company should they contact? The safety manager or transportation officer?

Besides knowing who to call, your drivers should know the best way to contact them. Phone calls can be more suitable for such cases. Your drivers should also have the chosen party’s alternate contact number to use after working hours. 

How to document the accident 

You should train your drivers to gather evidence at an accident scene because things can change quickly. Show them how to take pictures, record statements from witnesses and exchange information with the other driver. Further, encourage them to write a description of the accident as soon as possible to avoid forgetting crucial details. 

What to avoid

Informing drivers about what to avoid at an accident scene is also crucial. For example, they should not lose their cool, photograph other people’s injuries, photograph the other driver’s documents without permission or post photos or information of the accident on social media. 

Additionally, they should not apologize to the other driver or use words that may make it seem like they are admitting fault.

Your drivers should know the criticality of acting fast and efficiently at an accident scene. With the adequate information they gather and legal guidance, you can protect your company from liability.